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  1. FSE450R Rally Standard

    The low seat version is the same as the high, except for the suspension and seat height are 2" lower.

    Introducing the FSE 450R Rally: Pioneering Excellence in Rally Biking

    The FSE 450R Rally stands as a beacon of competition, blending lightweight agility with impressive long-range capabilities. As the world's first mass-produced motorcycle of its kind, designed in the spirit of the legendary Dakar Rally, it redefines adventure.

    Boasting a staggering range of over 300 miles, the FSE 450R Rally is primed to carry you to the farthest corners of the globe and back, without breaking a sweat.

    At its heart beats a meticulously tuned, counterbalanced Zongshen 450 engine, featuring an entirely innovative top-end design that sets it apart from any other. Rigorously tested, this engine promises unrivaled performance.

  2. Original Design

    Crafted Over Three Years, this Rally Bike Stands Alone

    The KOVE 450 Rally isn't a replica; it's an authentic race-ready machine meticulously honed over three years of dedicated craftsmanship. This is the genuine article, purpose-built for the thrill of competition.

    Its double overhead cam, in conjunction with precision mapping, high-performance exhaust, and custom manifolds, elevates the KOVE 450 Rally's performance to new heights. This powerhouse of an engine revs with vigor, all while maintaining an exceptionally smooth and remarkably quiet operation.

  3. Ready For Any Adventure!

    The KOVE FSE 450R Rally: Engineered for the Thrill of the Race

    Tuned to perfection and battle-tested, the KOVE FSE 450R Rally is a machine born from competition. This isn't your average ride; it's purpose-built for tackling the toughest challenges, including legendary events like the Dakar Rally. While it's more than capable of handling serene trail rides, its heart beats for the intensity of the race.

    Over three years in the making, every component of this machine, from its powerhouse engine to its agile frame, has undergone rigorous development and testing. The wait for this extraordinary model has been worth it, as the meticulous attention to detail shines through.

    These motorcycles occupy a unique niche, catering to those who crave something extraordinary. They're not for everyone, but if you've been on the hunt for the ultimate lightweight, long-range racing adventure bike, your search ends here. The KOVE FSE 450R Rally from Speed Republic is your ticket to the ride of a lifetime!


  • 450 EFI 6 speed engine
  • Over 8 gallons of fuel capacity for a range of over 300 miles!
  • Scotts performance stabilizer inspires confident handling (Pro Race model only)
  • Fully adjustable suspension 49mm, compression and rebound adjustment, ready for any terrain
  • Nissin front and rear hydraulic disc brakes w/off-road ABS
  • Quick access air filter
  • 5,000 plus mile service intervals
  • Rubber damper mounted taper style handlebars
  • And much more!

The KOVE 450 RALLY is the ultimate lightweight ADV bike that you have been dreaming of! KOVE has finally struck the perfect balance; lightweight agility and off-road suspension meet distance-friendly ergonomics and rally-raid styling. The 450 RALLY is not simply rally-inspired; it’s rally-BRED! Designed from day one as a rally motorcycle capable of competing toe-to-toe with the highest dollar factory race bikes, the KOVE 450 RALLY is more than up to the task of carrying you on your next adventure! 

The heart of the KOVE 450 RALLY is a 449cc DOHC single that is cooled by large dual radiators with an electric cooling fan each. In addition, an external oil cooler keeps the lifeblood of the engine in cool while providing additional oil capacity for extended service intervals. Fueling duties are handled via fuel injection, controlled by a Bosch ECU.

The engine is housed in a steel semi-parameter frame that house three separate fuel tanks. A long, flat, comfortable seat sits atop the bike and will provide you with hours of comfortable riding. When it’s time to check the airfilter, simply tug on the seat release cable and the seat pops off, revealing a huge foam airfilter element that sits up high and is well protected from water and dust.

Fully adjustable 49mm YU-AN forks and a matching YU-AN reservoir monoshock suspend the 450 RALLY and give you 12” of suspension travel on the High Seat model. 

High-intensity LEDs light up the night and make sure you can easily find where you’re going if your adventure stretches on past sunset.